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1. My Dear Friend 6/16/2007
2. Unlock The Heart 6/16/2007
3. Heart's Words 6/17/2007
4. Letting Go Of People 6/17/2007
5. I'Ll Be There 6/17/2007
6. The World's Twilight 6/17/2007
7. Your Light 6/17/2007
8. Key To The World 6/17/2007
9. Don'T Change 6/17/2007
10. You Killed It 6/18/2007
11. A Real Person And Friend 6/18/2007
12. Thinking About Everything Life Offers 6/18/2007
13. Tasting Life's Offers 6/18/2007
14. Pure Life 6/20/2007
15. Small Bites Of Life 6/20/2007
16. Personality 6/20/2007
17. Things With Reasons 6/18/2007
18. Tears From The Heavens 7/11/2007
19. Make Your Memory 6/18/2007
20. A Wild Chase 6/18/2007
21. It Will Be Okay 6/18/2007
22. Pretend Your Happy? 6/18/2007
23. Who Are You? 7/9/2007
24. Thinking Of You, Wherever You Are 8/25/2007
25. Which Door? 7/18/2007
26. Everything Has Its Story... 9/22/2007
27. Advice For Life And Memento Mori 11/1/2007
28. Words Create... 6/20/2007
29. Missing A Loved One 6/18/2007
30. Someone Important 6/20/2007
31. Remembering Someone 6/20/2007
32. Losing Control 6/20/2007
33. Few Minutes In The Dark 7/15/2007
34. Where's My Time? 6/20/2007
35. Beautiful Ugliness 6/17/2007
36. A Heart's Sunset 6/17/2007
37. Freedom To Do 6/16/2007
38. Write In Sand And Stone 6/22/2007

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Write In Sand And Stone

Today, my friend yelled at me.
I wrote in sand my friend yelled at me.
Today, my friend punched me.
I wrote in sand my friend punched me.
Today, my friend cursed me.
I wrote in sand my friend cursed me.
Today, my friend abandoned me.
I wrote in sand my friend abandoned me.
Today, my friend insulted me.
I wrote in sand my friend insulted me.

Today, my friend asked me for forgiveness.
I wrote in stone my friend asked for forgiveness.
Today, my friend saved my life.
I wrote in stone my friend saved my life.
Today, my friend made me smile.
I wrote ...

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Unlock The Heart

Feel this power! it taste great!
No, its wisdom
the staff of ruin, wonder, and wisdom
people will try to hurt you and take your heart
So this is magic?
The magic to do what?
to heal?

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