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1. My Dear Friend 6/16/2007
2. Unlock The Heart 6/16/2007
3. Heart's Words 6/17/2007
4. Letting Go Of People 6/17/2007
5. I'Ll Be There 6/17/2007
6. The World's Twilight 6/17/2007
7. Your Light 6/17/2007
8. Key To The World 6/17/2007
9. Don'T Change 6/17/2007
10. You Killed It 6/18/2007
11. A Real Person And Friend 6/18/2007
12. Thinking About Everything Life Offers 6/18/2007
13. Tasting Life's Offers 6/18/2007
14. Pure Life 6/20/2007
15. Small Bites Of Life 6/20/2007
16. Personality 6/20/2007
17. Things With Reasons 6/18/2007
18. Tears From The Heavens 7/11/2007
19. Make Your Memory 6/18/2007
20. A Wild Chase 6/18/2007
21. It Will Be Okay 6/18/2007
22. Pretend Your Happy? 6/18/2007
23. Who Are You? 7/9/2007
24. Thinking Of You, Wherever You Are 8/25/2007
25. Which Door? 7/18/2007
26. Everything Has Its Story... 9/22/2007
27. Advice For Life And Memento Mori 11/1/2007
28. Words Create... 6/20/2007
29. Missing A Loved One 6/18/2007
30. Someone Important 6/20/2007
31. Remembering Someone 6/20/2007
32. Losing Control 6/20/2007
33. Few Minutes In The Dark 7/15/2007
34. Where's My Time? 6/20/2007
35. Beautiful Ugliness 6/17/2007
36. A Heart's Sunset 6/17/2007
37. Freedom To Do 6/16/2007
38. Write In Sand And Stone 6/22/2007

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Write In Sand And Stone

Today, my friend yelled at me.
I wrote in sand my friend yelled at me.
Today, my friend punched me.
I wrote in sand my friend punched me.
Today, my friend cursed me.
I wrote in sand my friend cursed me.
Today, my friend abandoned me.
I wrote in sand my friend abandoned me.
Today, my friend insulted me.
I wrote in sand my friend insulted me.

Today, my friend asked me for forgiveness.
I wrote in stone my friend asked for forgiveness.
Today, my friend saved my life.
I wrote in stone my friend saved my life.
Today, my friend made me smile.
I wrote ...

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Freedom To Do

So many people around me.
The ones I love and the ones I hate.
I have the freedom.
I have the freedom to love.
I have the freedome to hate.
The freedom to care.
The freedom to concern
The freedom to worry
The freedom to be hurt

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