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  • ''A-Ma Alchemy of Love by Nuit Quote about Enlightenment

    'The Secret of Enlightenment is not in Perfection but in Completeness. Everything that is below the Abyss carries the imperfection within.

    After the Infinite establishes Divine Order, the Life of Duality as we know it on Earth begins. It is Yin and Yang in its Manifestation, and only through the two meeting, marrying, merging, they both reach God.'''
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  • ''Mindful Being quote by Nuit

    Self-development is a way of Life. Our Self-Development never ends. We are never too young or too old for personal growth.
    We have an amazing potential to reach our highest potential, to have truly inspiring careers and loving relationships.
    Unfortunately, often we walk through our lives asleep, we let our habits rule us, and find it difficult to change our beliefs. Recognizing the power of our Mind and the power of our Soul, learning the art of Concentration and Love, we are learning to Live with the Flow, not against it.
    It is in our nature to learn and grow. For happiness we need to learn to Love, we need to learn to Concentrate and we should keep the flow and energy of inspiration within our lives.''
  • ''Mindfulness and Happiness
    Mindfulness works with continuous awareness of body, breath; feelings, thoughts, intentions. Our state of mind, our positive or negative attitude towards the world, is closely related to our experiences of happiness or suffering. Mindfulness is awareness of everything that is happening in the moment of 'Now'. Mindfulness is a self development technique that will change the focus of our mind towards happiness.''
    Mindful Being by Natasa Pantovic Nuit quote about Mindfulness. How to exercise mindfulness? http: //
  • ''Mindfulness Present Moment

    Mindfulness is continuous undisturbed awareness of the present moment. Fully aware of here, and now, we pay attention to what is happening right in front of us, we set aside our mental and emotional baggage. To be mindful we have to re-train our mind.''
    Mindful Being by Nuit quote about mindfulness and present moment Mindfulness is continuous undisturbed awareness of the present moment. How to exercise mindfulness? http: //
  • ''Conscious Parenting: Love over Control

    "A child is a Soul, a Unit Consciousness materialized on Earth to learn, fulfill its purpose contributing within the Matrix of Gaia. Our parents fought for ‘Expression of Thoughts', ‘Equality', we now have a task to fight for the Supremacy of Love over Control within all Areas of Life.‘''
    Conscious Parenting by Nuit quote about Love over Control.

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