Natasha Caroline Norville

Natasha Caroline Norville Poems

1. Fear Not 12/11/2013
2. Hope Is 12/11/2013
3. “i Am” 12/11/2013
4. Where There Is Sword Fighting 12/11/2013
5. We Die! 12/11/2013
6. The World Is Changing 12/11/2013
7. Sympathy To A Friend 12/11/2013
8. Nighttime 12/11/2013
9. Here Is My Story, Here Is My Tell, Here Is My Myth 12/11/2013
10. To See A World 12/11/2013
11. To Thy Brook 12/11/2013
12. My Name Is Isabella 12/11/2013
13. What If 12/11/2013
14. What Is Life Without Love? 12/11/2013
15. The World Spins 12/11/2013
16. Where There Is 12/11/2013
17. Lean On Jesus 12/11/2013
18. To Have A Chair 12/11/2013
19. Sin, Salvation, Hope, Love, Faith 12/11/2013
20. My Anger Controls Me 12/11/2013
21. My Name Is Qalme-Tari 12/11/2013
22. The Beach 12/11/2013
23. Seek Counsel 12/11/2013
24. Nature Destroys Nature 12/11/2013
25. God Made Friends 12/11/2013
26. A Mother 12/11/2013
27. Destiny 12/11/2013
28. Happiness Is 12/11/2013
29. “war! War! War! ” 12/11/2013

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Best Poem of Natasha Caroline Norville

“war! War! War! ”

War! War! War!
Is all that people talk about.

War! War! War!
Is all that people think about.

War! War! War!
Is all that we hear about.

War! War! War!
Nobody cares for what it does.

War! War! War!
Nobody listens to warnings.

War! War! War!
Nobody hears the cries of death.

War! War! War!
It destroys lives, hopes, and dreams for peace.


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The Beach

The waves come in and go out.
Standing at the edge of the beach
I can imagine the peace that is around me.
Standing on the edge of the beach
I place my feet in to the water
And I listen to the waves.
As they come and go.

The waves come in and go out.

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