Natasha Hochar

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Biography of Natasha Hochar

Hello there! I'm Natasha, an official member of this planet since 1990.
My love affair with poetry and literature began the moment I became literate. I'm from Lebanon, a middle eastern country bordering Syria and Palestine, holding Beirut as its capital, the Mediterranean for its sea and Arabic as its native language.
I have a weakness for interesting or beautiful ideas and their portrayals, whether they are manifested in literature, music, visually, or verbally. I am as curious as the cat who died, and I seek knowledge on a daily basis. When I am not submerged by human perceptions, I am fascinated by and looking up the facts of this world, of its nature, of its creatures, and of the universe holding it. Updates

Voluntary Oblivion

Roaming free in voluntary oblivion
away from a life of imposed opinion.
There is not much to say,
but more to do.

Let us eradicate races
and look deeper into people's faces.
The eyes speak
and the mouth dries up the tongue sometimes.

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