Natasha Hochar

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Biography of Natasha Hochar

Hello there! I'm Natasha, an official member of this planet since 1990.
My love affair with poetry and literature began the moment I became literate. I'm from Lebanon, a middle eastern country bordering Syria and Palestine, holding Beirut as its capital, the Mediterranean for its sea and Arabic as its native language.
I have a weakness for interesting or beautiful ideas and their portrayals, whether they are manifested in literature, music, visually, or verbally. I am as curious as the cat who died, and I seek knowledge on a daily basis. When I am not submerged by human perceptions, I am fascinated by and looking up the facts of this world, of its nature, of its creatures, and of the universe holding it. Updates

The Elevator Sensation

I pined to become weightless
Closed my eyes and thought I'd take this
I wanted to be nameless
I began to rise and thought I could wake this

I was blind and shameless
Didn't mind that I'd make this
I wanted to be painless

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