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well i never really know what to put in these sort of spaces on profiles but ill give it ago.
my name is natasha but most people call me nat or tasha born in worcester moved to birmingham now living in wales as i had trouble in birmingham so moved away from it.
it was then that i turned to poetry it was the only way i could express the way i was feeling and it has stuck with me since. i really enjoy writing and reading poems they have so much meaning behind them for both the writer and the reader and i think they are genuinly amazing. well i have poems on here so if you do happen to read them i would really appreciate it if you would leave me a comment (good or bad its dosent matter to me as i see bad comment as constructive critizim and i dont take it to heart)
just to let me know what you think of my work. well thats it me in a nutshell. enjoy my poems x Updates

Cant Make Me Cry

Call me a slut
Call me a whore
call me whatever
I've heard it before

Say that in fake
Say that i lie
Say what you want
because you cant make me cry

I know that non of this is true
But calling me all this
Then HA
What the hell does that make you

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