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Rookie (2/3/95 / London)

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Natasha Kirke poet

I am a teenage writer looking for recogintion.
I was born in London on 2nd March 1995 in Kings
College Hospital. From the age of 3 I started drawing and later writing. At the moment I am workng on my art and music and a novel called 'White Heart' and a story collection called 'The Tales of Ferrick and Berrick'
I have different sites other than PoemHunter such as:

My art page:
http: // ref=ts

My deviantART page:
http: //

https: // feature=mhee

Natasha Kirke's Works:

None (Though, I am currently writing a novel called 'White Heart' and a combination of two stories under the title of 'The Tales of Ferrick and Berrick') Updates

The Hen

In her pen she lies in wait
A fluster of feathers and feet surround her
Every small beady eye glistens with hope and fear
As they swivel in their sockets
Clawed feet scratch the dry hay in anxiety
The wooden floor bears the marks
Fear and paranoia hang in the air
Like a terrible stench.
Hark, he comes,

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