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  • Saane Pahulu (10/14/2009 3:00:00 PM)

    wow you've travelled alot...
    someday i'm going to travel the world...(i can dream)
    your really talented...
    love is a constant battle that we go through in life
    i've written some poetry about it and the breakup as well as random stuff like about darkness.
    keep writing your poetry and i'll read them knowing they're going to be beautiful and maybe it'll relate to me.. :) :) :)
    have fun with the beginning of your life.. i know that i'm still struggling with that :) :)

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Should Of

I know that I should of never started it.
Now my mind is shredded to pieces and my heart is about to rip

It all started when you came into my life
you sat beside me the first day you made everything seem alright
I could't believe how you made me feel
No dull day
a smile across my face everyday
nothing to worry about