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121. Purified Lithium 10/16/2012
122. 'I' 10/16/2012
123. Minimal Distance 10/16/2012
124. Nebuchadnezzar 10/16/2012
125. Burmese Scarcrow 10/16/2012
126. Couple Of Strange Lines 10/16/2012
127. Tea 10/16/2012
128. Water Colors 7/2/2013
129. The Cement Indian 7/2/2013
130. Peach Gospel In The Cellar 7/2/2013
131. Watching Tornado Warnings In Oklahoma 7/2/2013
132. Monologue Of A Rock 7/2/2013
133. The Vision 7/2/2013
134. Formica 7/2/2013
135. On Seeing You Yesterday 7/2/2013
136. Backyard 3/18/2014
137. Glorious Grotesque Guggenheim 3/18/2014
138. Valley Of Stone Icons And Swingsets 3/18/2014
139. Oaks Amusement Park 3/18/2014
140. Everything Under The Sun Ecclesiatical Version 3/18/2014
141. The Incarnation Of Siduri 3/18/2014
142. The Minnesotian Orchestra Of Barber Street 3/18/2014
143. Dry-Erase Seizure 5/15/2010
144. Dead Man Walking/ Inner Shelter 6/2/2010
145. Strange Plateau 6/5/2010
146. Shades Of Grey 11/28/2009
147. Decontructed Cabbage Rolls Aka Cabbath Rollica 3/18/2014
148. James Hetfield Buying Soymilk 10/16/2012
149. Old Velvet Paintings 11/28/2009
150. Of Salt And Oranges 12/4/2009
151. Mind Of A Graffiti Artist 3/18/2014
152. Prussian Blue 3/30/2011
153. Tripping But Not Missing 11/18/2010
154. Charles Bukowski And The Emo-Girl 1/19/2010
155. Morton Salt Girl 2/7/2009
156. Spanish Bullfighter 12/18/2009
157. Vancouver Community Library 4/20/2010
158. Unknown City 5/8/2010
159. Flight Of The Hindenburg 10/16/2012
160. Bible Belt Ballad 11/28/2009

Comments about nathan martin

  • Ken Baker (5/23/2010 2:08:00 PM)

    nathan- didn't your mama teach you how to use a spell checker?

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  • April Kiessling (7/18/2009 3:47:00 PM)

    You are a gifted writer, with insight and unusual phrase turns and thoughts. I appreciate your humor and clever takes on so many otherwise mundane subjects. Please continue to develop your talent and thank you for sharing your poetry with the world.

  • Aaron Martin (7/8/2009 2:41:00 PM)

    Rock on bro! These poems are really good stuff! Love from Japan!

  • Ivan Ho (7/1/2009 11:08:00 PM)

    Keep up the good work!

Best Poem of nathan martin

The Egocentric Poet

If your looking for the smart guy in the corner its me.
using the comparative method of etymology you will
find the definition of poet is me.
if i was a dinosaur i would be a thesaurus.
i also like to use big words in conversations like idiosyncratic
and unequivocally.

i am an intellectual giant im theocritus and atlas together
the weight of the philosophical world rest on me alone.
i seperate all of my isms categorically with schisms.

and when i go to starbucks they just say its on the house champ
because i once knocked out bruce lee and...

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Black Coffee Country

Pencil character sketches drawn on napkins,
greasy finger prints on doorhandles.
with the smell of diesel
in the vest of the stations attendant,
he moves in short quick motions
communicating with his hands.

while over at pump three
the silhuette of a large truck driver

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