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Hi I am Nathan I have no ambition except to write. I love everything except work and insects, I absolutely hate cockroaches. I want to be a litarary bohemian, everything else seems meaningless to me. I read alot and I go out and drink alot and get on the dance floor and dance alot. I'm a travelling man, I love to travel and meet like minded people (and very few of them there are) . All I care about is enjoying life! I love writing poetry and prose and reflecting on my life and find a meaning to each day. I like to learn new things and if not learn, then enjoy new things. I have lost faith in living conventionally to an endless system and settling down, it might sound odd but I realise that there is no guarantee that I will survive passed this very day. I try to grab hold of the moment as much as I can even through I do end up in getting tied up in to a dead end job from time to time. I always moving on eventually and step forward with more strength, courage and wisdom!

:) Nathan S 2007

I work in a bar and it gets a bit borning from time to time. I have booked a flight to Paris in mid February!
I don't know where I will go from there and I don't car at this moment.

I do read alot and if you read my poems you could prbably tell I'm a big Henry Miller fan, also Bukowski a bit of Hunter S Thomson, some Anais Nin and I do like George Orwell. Knut Hamsun writes beautifully and I do love Tolstoy, not read War And Peace but I loved his other stuff except Anna Karenina (that was boring) .

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It Doesn’t Really Matter

The sun shines brightly outside but my curtains remain closed.
Fatigue speaks to me and tells me to rest my head but my mind tells me to get a job.
My heart tells me to write a novel and fear tells me I won’t make it.

Then I open my curtains and the sun beams in and I begin to roll a cigarette. As I spark it up and inhale the smoke I realise that it doesn’t matter what I do as long as I have £75 for the landlord at the end of the week.

I already have that in the bank and I did my shopp

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