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41. Thoughts (Random Ones) 1/2/2007
42. She Had Hairy Armpits... 11/23/2006
43. A Self-Conscious Poem 4/27/2007
44. Dreams Of Passion 11/23/2006
45. I Thank The Writers Of The Past 12/11/2006
46. A Giant Pink Penguin 2/1/2007
47. A Cats Eyes 11/23/2006
48. (part 1) The Norm 2/1/2007
49. (part 2) Imagine (Surreal Thoughts) 2/1/2007
50. Fat Women Vs Skinny Women 5/18/2007
51. Money Money Money 12/4/2006

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Money Money Money

But which came first?
Money or man?
Yes man!
And now money rules man, doesn’t that tell you something?
Money isn’t natural.
Money is worthless in the eyes of nature yet money rules the world.
Money is the God that man worships.
Money is metal, paper and numbers.
Money is what we spend all our lives working for.
Money is what we spend all our lives spending.
Money is what keeps us going.
Money is what keeps us down.
Money is power and greed.
Capitalism is the new religion and
God has been sold out for the pound.

Money is what makes ...

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He Shagged Fatty Patty

Aaron was his name.
He went out and got pissed
isn’t tat lovely
And he got so drunk he thought he was Brad Pitt and started groping girls titties
He was so god damn drunk
He fell over on top of a fat woman
tats him alright, he always falls on summink
And then he took advantage of her
and started snogging

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