Nathaniel Aaron Bryant

Rookie (New Years of 1983 / North Carolina)

Biography of Nathaniel Aaron Bryant

Nathaniel Aaron Bryant was born in North Carolina on New Year's,1983, and proudly declares: 'that he's been the resident of this great state from that time, ' he also attends college in his home state as well. His future ambition is to study law. He is a devout Christian who enjoys sports, especially soccer, and writing poetry - but also finds time to watch his favorite television program, 'That 70's Show'. He cherishes his girlfriend and speaks quite fondly of her, but wishes they could spend more time together. What better way to write poetry when one is in is surely one of the best catharsis in the world — right from the soul in a sense of wonder into a bliss of solitude.

Nathaniel Aaron Bryant's Works:

'Words To Break This Silence' 2004 Anchor Books Updates

Cool Summer Grass

Kisses from the lips of the one I love
Lying in the cool summer grass
Eyes focused on the cloud shapes above
To spend every day like this, is all I ask
But every day here on out I'll miss you
Those times we just held
each other I'll never forget
Dying inside, how I long just to kiss you
But by myself in the cool summer grass I sit

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