Nathaniel Colbert

Rookie (March 3,1987 / Wakefield, Massachusets)

Biography of Nathaniel Colbert

Pretty generic childhood. As i grew older, i developed a strange fascination with death and the supernatural. Soon i started using drugs. I probably have used every single one. dissasociatives, opiates/opioids, hallucinogens, pot, stimulants, countless prescription medications. that time has come and gone, but i am thankful for all the insight i have recieved into life from these experiences. and i continue to the journey... i write because i like to. poetry lets me put the things i really cant put into words, into words. i also keep a journal, it helps keep me sane, and i write short stories, and have currently started work on a novel. thank you for your time, i'm sure everyone that reads this is an awesome person. Updates

Intoxication Faerie

Hurt and Taken by your beauty.
You entice me further into insanity
I want to go
Please take me with you
You come in the darkness of my dreams, more than i thought i could ever know.
Take these...
I don't think I could ever let you go

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