Nathaniel Colbert

Rookie (March 3,1987 / Wakefield, Massachusets)

Biography of Nathaniel Colbert

Pretty generic childhood. As i grew older, i developed a strange fascination with death and the supernatural. Soon i started using drugs. I probably have used every single one. dissasociatives, opiates/opioids, hallucinogens, pot, stimulants, countless prescription medications. that time has come and gone, but i am thankful for all the insight i have recieved into life from these experiences. and i continue to the journey... i write because i like to. poetry lets me put the things i really cant put into words, into words. i also keep a journal, it helps keep me sane, and i write short stories, and have currently started work on a novel. thank you for your time, i'm sure everyone that reads this is an awesome person. Updates

Tortured Portrait

Left helpless like a contorted corpse, it's grave tilled by falling leaves
Never meant to be alone with a contrivance with lost capacity to grieve
A painful portait i must conceive:
Brush stokes in flesh, pink, black and pain; obscene...
Pigments touched jagged to finish with acetelyne
An immolation of creation is but one true creation
When the pastel clouded brilliance give endless aspirations
Yet we feel the Earth, and kiss the dirt
Holding so hard that we don't fall away...

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