Naveed Akram Poems

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Heaven With A Car

When the carboy became the same we stared at him,
Whenever you share your heaven with a car, be the light.

Light is a weapon of weirdness, I am an alloy of metals,

Become The Balcony

Become Brittany, become botany, then balcony,
I am stranded in thoughts of company that delights.

The invasions were bunnies, seconds undermined us,

The School Of Kings

The school has been left with lifts of the car,
These cars have speed of reasoning and purpose.

The school resides in the circle of your thoughts,

Love To My Heart

You have made a love to my heart,
You have inspired my spirits as I learn
And communicate with you in all these hours.

Fire Is Fire

Fire is like a cold heat from the flames of your taste,
It eats and diverges to the haste of a teasing question.
Fire this time is an initial thought of wonderment,
But where pain lives is the sprouting of genius and intelligence.

My Love Is My Thought

My love and lobes detour in the pathway,
Many loves are many hatreds in gestures.

To ingrain this thought is a commotion,

To Report My War

To report is to warn, too darling of you,
I understand what the meaning of man is?
He is wary, he is scared, but nobody smiles
And tells all belief to other minds with clarity.


Grief is the joy of a quake and slumberous acts,
It caresses the heart of the beloved as he speaks;
Grief is a mountain that I climb for the world to see,
My accursed fellowship is a remainder of fortune and lies.

Joyous Wave

I must wave my hands and flagella like an animal,
But theory coincides with theory and an animal cannot die.
I wave my hands in the direction of a man who believes,
His suddenness is an alacrity, a mobility, an agility.

I Saw Him When I Was Old

I see him in power, awe has impressed my mind;
The buildings are erect, those stars are brighter than me.
As men bulldoze the economy there comes an arrival
That shakes the sheikh's hand and declares Unity.