Naveed Akram Poems

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Never Deceive

Never does deceit occupy the place of heat,
Heats are savage creatures of such fighters;
Many are the cheaters of the century,
They fought along the righteous ways

Always Winning

Always the winners have repented due to goodness,
Hearing them is siding with them, might he close the door?
A paper-car started a country of trees seemingly,
Like groups above the horizon, above the crowd.

Enthralled By The Light

Enthralling, dazzling trees shine with lights,
Teasing light environmentally burdens the young plants,
Photons burst, photons excite as the truth unfurls,
With little to disgust, with most of the lust.

Tonight Is A Right

I have been about what came tonight,
I also resent the pillars of evil and concerts,
Music of the future guarding our arms and legs.
A book has neither entered nor exited,

Baby Balls

Baby and ball collected cookies,
One ball ran so fast that a nose appeared
And the baby defused the bomb
Called life and certainty.

With Spindles

An extraordinary guy with spindles
Worked in the main way to be caught with flies,
They physically endowed him
The skeleton of a fly, the same man

Magic Within

The gurgling gypsies frolicked in the united hands of the sun,
Lacking a ladder of fortitude and lacking the rebuttals of modernity;
One hidden thrown object confronted the mass and entities,
One rock had provided a saturation and an indignant air so long for all.

Birth Of Death

The birth of the bishop was dying like the dye of red health,
His elements of fidelity struck us dimmer than news of mortuaries.
Embedded in the hearts of devolved spirits, one crane and one builder
Rectified the conditions of the many folded documents,

Ageing Souls In Need

The ageing gaiety of this seasonal overlordship
Pitied us as individuals, death had been approaching us
With wit of the devil that deceives you through trials.
One needed the soul to deceive another soul,

He Lost A Young Devil

He was lost with a railroad in a river of situations,
In the direction better influences were miles away;
Driven by the villages of both chiefs, a clear mark
Happened to be parked in some collision of the rivers.