Naveed Akram Poems

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Irritation Of Gestures

A gesture of irritation came out of gesturing,
My broken voice was a malady for the downcast;
Pointing to the other voice we heartedly sought
A fictional promise so like the Alexandria

Wars Above

Dripping visions collide with the fantastic,
It was a failure, dressed or not dressed.
One of the triumphs became one of the losses,
Bunches of lilacs and groups of roses.


I love walking on the railing,
This greyness fetches my brain sailing.
The illness of a man is in the head,
Hearing and sight can be bled.


Inscriptions read as characters, like the stars,
Tracks of large amount show these pupils.
It is laden with gold and temples, swamps
So solid with gum and baubles, the loose mud.

One Can Travel

One can travel safe, like pollen brambles,
Soaking wet men are hazards so active;
Notice the skill regularly dusted by travel,
Wielding swords is a trick of the sand.

Marches Of The River

Marches of the river are like serpents,
And dragons are somewhat of the huger serpent.
These gigantic monsters share the skies
With the darker human, who lifts his face at them.

The Podium

Hear me aliens! How well do you speak?
I guarantee the satisfaction of a blood.
Ready the pit! We hurl spears with the cheek,
I cheer men in the hall illuminated.

The Tablets

The tablet stood on the counter,
Pulling us aside like a trap;
The door cracked afterwards,
Like Saturn’s rings or eggs.

Old Reading

Are you prepared to read on the back?
A brief rest starts the accusations straightaway.
Old wizards propose a solemn business,
That of writing and learning for the role.

Strong Swimming

And now slowly nothing happened,
He remained and looked at me;
The pain increased and cheapened,
He at last left me behind seemingly.