Naveed Akram Poems

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Wooden Staff

It was raining and the wooden staff conquered
My daily meals for its veracity was stronger than before.
All the greens and golds and clouds of stairs
Came finding me with brilliant items of clothing.

Insane World

In the world of insanity clearly the pains
Number into the thousands, nothing
Escapes the mind, nothing can.
One word delves into another with gusto,

I Gave A Lesson

I gave a lesson to the young at heart,
Reading eyes amassed wealth of remarkable thoughts,
The lesson was a substance of the excitement.
My readings were correct according to taste,

Accursed One

Fun has been ostentatious for being bright,
A legion of worries takes strike at the light.
No foolish certainty invades the Accursed One,
Impeding you from the path or way of thankfulness genuine.

One To Know

One knowledge can be overpowering,
Like stars travelling we stay and deliver
The praise to one who finds it as a measure.
The real treasure binds one's heart to love,

On Happiness

On happiness the poets have rejected something,
Mortal natures inhabit the deprived like everything,
Speaking use of commodities beyond the region
That is beyond the reach of fields, wearing infinity.

Knights Of Romance

They are my hope, my young Knight of romance,
Falling with truth on the battlefield, to be possessed;
Then in this place a love of a man has passed
With the woman of his choice,

Well Of Water

I pray to God and find a nation too old and real,
Thirsty is He who finds fellowship of health,
And big is He who is better of never never topics,
Of little and loving statements, too hard


Teams teach the winning of standing and sitting,
Brainwashing is a kind of presence but also absence,
For the teachers of this race of humans react
To the aims we conjecture as the fences are built

Acrobat Of Bonaparte

An acrobat creates a love too long,
The aristocrat believes in some awful wrong,
But where are the buzzards of the age?
These dreamers defend the tasks to engage.