Naveed Akram Poems

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Do Not Die

Do not die when I am sick,
Inside is demand for the deprived and slender.
This thin man who throws light and heat
Is astray like the cows and bulls.

Lost In Love

Lost being, nearly the height of crow’s flight,
You are indignant, as if you are angry of sight.
Still beautiful, this lost meaning is gathered,
The dyes of youth becalm us afterward.

Mind In Circles

Philosophy In My Mind

That idea in my mind is indispensable,
Thoughts conquer another man’s philosophy,
The ideal way of life contrives justice and scholarship.
May we tread in these puddles of knowledge,


Do not perceive the differences of youth and old age,
Keep apart the deceitful from the honest population.
This demands you postulate a doom for the losers,
Falling into your chair, keep honest helpers.


Intelligence strives for completion of tasks,
Inside the holes and work, the very flasks.
May we steal the treasure of all time and infinite space,
Then intelligent beings shall perish, along the walls that disgrace.

One Astronomer

I need the sky like a stage has been performed,
Stages of the astronomical man seem to resonate.
His accusation seems strange to humankind,
The stars of our love occupy and astonish,

The Laws

Write down your laws so you inherit,
Laws bestow good and we thank them.
A singular noun is justice, the name of your soul,
It composes your hearing and sight for the high ones.

Worthy Book

Who is worth more than yourself?
The death of mighty warriors is on our shelf.
They are books so golden like the crown,
Knights strive with vigour, then they are down.

The Task Of Gardening

A task awaits us in the morning,
Pulling my leg and arm for five years.
The days and nights pass for the same task,
Yet these years, we experience a more important ghost.