Naveed Akram Poems

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Earth’s Story

Earth changes according to times,
Its canopy beckons on these surroundings.
Air is like water and all gas,
Filling my stomach and lungs with living matter.

Experiments In The Rain

O to construct experiments and cry,
Just to lie in front of the king.
Rain has fallen from high in the sky,
Water so acidic the scientists want to bellow

Diverse Dawn

Still is this dawn of a diverse view,
Pass it once your chores are done.
Forget my hymn of success as it is,
A thrown flower may remind you of me.

Lands Unknown

I became a land of astonishment when I was young,
Mocked at, jeered at, my lingering breath bent my back.
Survival lacked enemies, bit by snakes I scaled my better life,
My names heard for longer than the animals, I was fugitive.

Winds Blow Into My Face

Why does the wind blow in my direction?
It is due to times of change and management.
My cells in the brain offer me praise
When winds collapse on the very skin.

An Act

Deploring an act is to despise the person,
Others do sin as well, but what is that sin?
The entrance shines in front of you,
Take the brother of this gate, and you prosper.

Your Children

Nourish The Soul

My Sun

My Sun is perfect, fully apt to give energy,
May this perfect star be so small, so heavy.
The gaseous ball will quench the thirst,
Be like stars of the night, and stay then.

Honour In Speech