Naveed Khalid

Naveed Khalid Poems

601. Bonfire 9/3/2014
602. Rhapsody 9/1/2014
603. A Cat-Walk 7/7/2017
604. A Chemlot In Amberwoods 7/1/2017
605. Dovetail 12/5/2014
606. Catapult 9/1/2014
607. Laissez Faire 9/1/2014
608. Vineyard 9/1/2014
609. Blindman's Buff 9/16/2014
610. Sunburnt 9/3/2014
611. Opera 9/2/2014
612. Epitaph Ii 9/17/2014
613. To My First Love 10/20/2014
614. Michael Angelo's Fresco: The Creation Of Adam 11/7/2014
615. Meanderings 8/20/2014
616. Autumn Leaf 9/2/2014
617. Hypnosis 12/19/2014
618. Archer Of Golden Bow 2/24/2015
619. Monty Python 10/7/2014
620. Wickerman 12/5/2014
621. Esprit De Corps 1/31/2015
622. Beaumonde 3/15/2015
623. Coral Reeves 3/17/2015
624. Diorama 3/11/2015
625. The Emerald Isle 8/24/2014
626. Hyperbole 9/19/2014
627. Song Of A Village Girl 9/18/2014
628. Leaves Of Autumn Ii 2/3/2015
629. Last Night Blues Of Countryside 3/27/2015
630. Dead Poet's Society I 3/19/2015
631. Crow's Nest 2/16/2015
632. Nightshade 3/4/2015
633. Femme Fatale 9/2/2014
634. Cornfield 3/10/2015
635. Ode To Love I 9/2/2014
Best Poem of Naveed Khalid

Ode To Love I

I'll not show thee, love, in summer's prime,
That by the sun before your eyes,
Hath fled as well in ethereal wings,
What in beauty's look you still behold;
And by a worthier pen is writ alone,
Against time's e'er changing face:
A shadow from the tree of wilderness,
Of May morning in the mellowing year,
Full ripe gourd of some hazel nuts,
Which to my decaying form abides,
The world of your sickening desires,
a bag of bones with two lovers dead;
Oft rich in colour more scope of things abound:
Eternity! shall have no place in heaven,
Or else...

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Summer's Eve I

You're but the presager of mine eye, more eloquent!
Of timeless tide her love of burning gold;
And in words, too, hath served the painter's art,
What oft by ghastly night is marked by thee,
That grows by e'ery passing minute a star!
Has nothing than this fedora of your dream:
All roses fade, withered from their cheeks all red,
The desert in my eyes with salt of seven seas,
From afar by world's wit to prove my bride,

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