Naveed Khalid

Naveed Khalid Poems

281. Albino 10/9/2016
282. A Red-Haired Witch 10/9/2016
283. Ascent Of Sap 10/10/2016
284. A Heart-Shaped Kite 10/10/2016
285. A Boy 10/12/2016
286. A Tribute To Mother 10/12/2016
287. A Room Mate 10/17/2016
288. Poison Ivy 10/19/2016
289. A Royal Palm 10/23/2016
290. A Treasure Box 10/23/2016
291. Machete 10/24/2016
292. Macho 10/24/2016
293. Master 10/24/2016
294. Kabbalah 10/24/2016
295. A Youngman From Verona To The Library Archives 11/1/2016
296. A White Swan 11/1/2016
297. Stigmata 11/1/2016
298. Annelids 11/5/2016
299. A Lost Poem 11/6/2016
300. Arbitrator 11/7/2016
301. Bulrush-Burshay 11/7/2016
302. A Private Knee At My Door 11/7/2016
303. Bowtie 11/9/2016
304. Bataclan 11/9/2016
305. A Squirrel's Song 11/9/2016
306. A Bend Too Deep For Woe 11/11/2016
307. Invisible Gnomes 11/11/2016
308. A Global Village 11/17/2016
309. Fair 11/24/2016
310. A Compassed Ark 11/25/2016
311. Sunflower 11/25/2016
312. A Green Mug Of Coffee 11/28/2016
313. Three Lines Of Indian Hierarchy 11/28/2016
314. Amanda's Kitchen 11/28/2016
315. A Witch Hunting 11/30/2016
316. Ali Et Alia En Couple 12/1/2016
317. A Gravestone 12/2/2016
318. A Bowl Of Eggs 12/3/2016
319. Night Owl 12/3/2016
320. A Valentino Love 12/3/2016
Best Poem of Naveed Khalid

Ode To Love I

I'll not show thee, love, in summer's prime,
That by the sun before your eyes,
Hath fled as well in ethereal wings,
What in beauty's look you still behold;
And by a worthier pen is writ alone,
Against time's e'er changing face:
A shadow from the tree of wilderness,
Of May morning in the mellowing year,
Full ripe gourd of some hazel nuts,
Which to my decaying form abides,
The world of your sickening desires,
a bag of bones with two lovers dead;
Oft rich in colour more scope of things abound:
Eternity! shall have no place in heaven,
Or else...

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The Emerald Isle

What needest I this mirror that shows not half thy part,
Of ages that are dead under the Archangel's brow?
That through emerald eyes of titanic visions afar,
You paint me the picture of thy most high deserts,
Some unreflected Being, hid away from out of sight,
Hath beset many a maiden garden ere thine unweird eye:
Uneclipsed of looks so fair, my mind, by what I write,
Oft illumines more bright where least I find my love, abides by thee alone;
To fill the emptiness of e'ery fallin

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