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Biography of Nazo ...

Nazo was born in Lithuanian capital, named Vilnius. She's writing poems in 4 languages - Lithuanian, English, Japanese and Russian.
Since 12 years old she started writing short poems about life. Wrote a short book 'Seasons of the life', but didn't publish because had no sponsors.
Later she chose an actress way. It inspired to write more, although Nazo hadn't enough time.

2008 - 'Wiseacre and the boy' (short story)
2009 - 'Mariko's story'(short story)
2010 - 'Amulet'(short story)
2010 - 'The moonlight' (novel)
2010 - 'In the bosoms' (short story)
2011 - 'Long road between Vilnius and Tokyo' (in progress) (novel)
2011 - 'Sakura no yume' (Haiku poems) (do not published) Updates


Somewhere you can hear the song of swan
Still and slow it hurts your inside
Look for your past
And also look out
Don't let feel the pain

So much hardships and pain
So much love and despite
Don't let you do more mistakes
Look for here and now
Be happy, live and feel the love.

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