Ndina Kamaro Muofhe

Bronze Star - 2,081 Points [Azanian Prince]

Ndina Kamaro Muofhe Poems

81. Earth Song 10/20/2015
82. Fallen Cosmos 10/22/2016
83. Lover's Dream 10/22/2016
84. A Moment So Far Gone 10/22/2016
85. This Love 10/22/2016
86. Another Poem 10/22/2016
87. Sweet Serenade 11/2/2016
88. Invocation Moment 11/2/2016
89. Dry My Tears 11/2/2016
90. Makaveli's Psalm 11/2/2016
91. Exodus 11/2/2016
92. She Is My Vibe 11/7/2016
93. Sweetest Woman 11/7/2016
94. Could It Be A Heart? 11/7/2016
95. Widow's Pain 11/3/2016
96. Seraph Love 11/4/2016
97. Tears Of The Moon 11/7/2016
98. We 11/2/2016
99. Free The Animal 1/13/2017
100. It Feels Like Home 11/7/2016
Best Poem of Ndina Kamaro Muofhe

It Feels Like Home

When the moon is on the roll,
And stars hanging by,
My soul takes rest.
When tides sleep beneath the palms of the sea,
Enchantment is born and frowning days are humbled.

The wounds within, heal
It's a reformation I feel
And all the pain, is killed
The coldness took a one way stroll
Now, it feels like home
Where love is warm.

Shadows reigned valleys where my soul resides
Like angry storms and ocean's scary tides
Drowning all my hope in the loneliness
Before you came to fill my empty heart.

You are here now
And within your presence ...

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Closely Take A Look

I had worried in the nights
These had robbed me many peaceful sleeps
I had wondered in days
Wishing for me, time would reveal
Why the world continues to cry?

Stories I tell never get old
For where they came from,
they are written in bold

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