Nedra Pepin

Rookie (July 24 1993 / Toronto)

Biography of Nedra Pepin

What got me interested into writing poems, was the emotion that they give.
Once I write one, about my sadness, or my grief, I feel a whole lot better. And, I get something beautifully sad out of it also.

Nedra Pepin's Works:

I have not published any books (so far) Updates

'I Love You'

Every time I think of you, I lose my breath.
I can't think of anything to say, I love you to death.
When I see you smile, it makes me feel happy, And when I look into your eyes, they show me how much you love me.
Its hard to believe you could ever love someone like me.
I remember the sleepless nights, when I would lye awake and think of you.

You once asked me who I loved. But I was afraid to say that it was you.
You read my mind though, for you said on that night 'I love you too'
My he

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