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Neela Nath Das Poems

601. Review From The Readers And..... 7/7/2014
602. I Wanna Slip Back 2/6/2014
603. I Wish I Were There 2/10/2014
604. Silence Or Noise 2/24/2014
605. Beauty 1/8/2015
606. Merry Christmas To Everybody 12/24/2014
607. Root 10/26/2015
608. No Way 8/16/2015
609. Sleep There Sleep 3/13/2018
610. Gaza, A Prison-House 8/17/2014
611. Album 8/19/2014
612. Friend 2 7/31/2014
613. From Dust To Dust 8/22/2014
614. Hermit 7/24/2014
615. India 8/7/2014
616. I Do Not Have Any Word 9/2/2014
617. I Am A Deserted 11/2/2014
618. They Get 11/7/2014
619. Lost Days 11/17/2014
620. I Can'T Say 11/19/2014
621. Winter 11/28/2014
622. This Body And This Mind 11/23/2014
623. Unknown 12/5/2014
624. In Which Country We Do Live? 1/1/2013
625. The Flakes Of Snow 1/30/2013
626. Sand Dunes 4/25/2012
627. Shanti (An Acrostic: A Sailor's Song) 2/22/2013
628. History And Mythology Say.. 7/2/2014
629. The Night Becomes 1/18/2013
630. Princess And The Black Horse-Ii 10/9/2012
631. The Puppets... 9/10/2014
632. The Hands Of God 2/16/2016
633. Moon All The Way 11/2/2012
634. Childhood, A Lost Dream 10/28/2014
635. His Birthday 12/20/2014
636. Absence 12/22/2014
637. She Wanted To Be A River 9/6/2014
638. A Ray Reaches 8/30/2014
639. Rain In Summer 9/19/2014
640. Friend 7/31/2014

Comments about Neela Nath Das

  • Sri Tatsat (3/17/2012 12:05:00 PM)

    I have always loved poetry. But I have mostly read poems from classical times. Elizabethian. You poems, however, have kind of struck a chord. Please do write more...

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  • Anele The_african_son Potelwa (umbhali_wasembo) (3/14/2012 2:06:00 PM)

    I Have all due respect for your dedication, I have all due respect for the love you have, that you keep on flowing in your work of poetry, the world needs many people of your stature, whose ability is being able to identify, reflect and solve, I enjoy reading your work every minute, and believe you me, I learn everytime

    Kind Regards


Best Poem of Neela Nath Das

A River Of The Will

A river of the will,
Plays in my mind.
I call her to come out,
But she stays behind.
She flows and says-
O, let me do the thing,
Which I desire;
I'm now a spring.
Just telling this,
She jumps from myself,
Riding on a cloud,
She flies like an elf.
With a pensive mood,
I sit by the window,
It starts raining outside,
My room gathers shadow.
I think, where's my will?
She isn't in the sky-
A whisper comes in my ear,
I can't believe my eye....
The drops of rain fall there,
Wetting my hot face,
Tell me-'Dear we are here, ...

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I take a walk everyday,
To reach my Destination.
But I can't get to it anytime,
It gets away from my vision.
I know Hills play, such trick always,
I know the sky does the same,
But my destination that I want to go
Is playing the mirage game?

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