Neela Nath Das

Neela Nath Das Poems

681. Because 9/12/2014
682. A Hut Near A River 7/24/2013
683. Tonight I'Ll Weep 10/4/2013
684. Mirror, Mirror Tell Me The Truth 9/7/2013
685. Whirling And Whirling 5/16/2013
686. Signature 4/28/2013
687. Is It Curse? 6/12/2013
688. I Was Not A Poet 10/6/2013
689. None Like You 1/31/2014
690. You Do This, You Say That 3/31/2014
691. Light Of Great Hearts 6/21/2014
692. Remembering You! 4/18/2013
693. A Leaf 2/14/2013
694. Sea, Mountain And I 11/30/2012
695. Venus Walked On The Sun's Chest 6/6/2012
696. Give Me The Power.(Senryu) 5/21/2012
697. On Thirtydays Of Separated Love 5/22/2012
698. Mirror Image 3/8/2012
699. Behind This 10/5/2012
700. When This World 9/17/2012
701. Not Here 8/2/2012
702. O Sky, My Blue Sky 9/3/2012
703. Where Women Are 9/13/2012
704. It's Raining 8/18/2014
705. Winter Has 1/4/2015
706. Night...... 9/11/2013
707. Naked-Man 8/1/2012
708. Chameleon 8/13/2013
709. Last Look Before Sleep 2/7/2014
710. To Run From Someone.. 10/23/2012
711. The May Flower Tree 3/10/2012
712. It's Me(Haiku) 5/1/2012
713. Soul Burns 7/5/2012
714. Had Cell Phone Been 7/25/2012
715. I'M Not A Poet 7/10/2013
716. Is Hatred More Powerful 12/17/2014
717. Halloween Night 10/31/2014
718. He Was Leaving 9/20/2014
719. Sitting On The Ring Of Saturn 3/23/2014
720. .........Funny Song......... 4/19/2014

Comments about Neela Nath Das

  • Sri Tatsat (3/17/2012 12:05:00 PM)

    I have always loved poetry. But I have mostly read poems from classical times. Elizabethian. You poems, however, have kind of struck a chord. Please do write more...

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  • Anele The_african_son Potelwa (umbhali_wasembo) (3/14/2012 2:06:00 PM)

    I Have all due respect for your dedication, I have all due respect for the love you have, that you keep on flowing in your work of poetry, the world needs many people of your stature, whose ability is being able to identify, reflect and solve, I enjoy reading your work every minute, and believe you me, I learn everytime

    Kind Regards


Best Poem of Neela Nath Das

A River Of The Will

A river of the will,
Plays in my mind.
I call her to come out,
But she stays behind.
She flows and says-
O, let me do the thing,
Which I desire;
I'm now a spring.
Just telling this,
She jumps from myself,
Riding on a cloud,
She flies like an elf.
With a pensive mood,
I sit by the window,
It starts raining outside,
My room gathers shadow.
I think, where's my will?
She isn't in the sky-
A whisper comes in my ear,
I can't believe my eye....
The drops of rain fall there,
Wetting my hot face,
Tell me-'Dear we are here, ...

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The Night Falls

This world sometimes becomes harsh,
So harsh that the bright sunlight dims.
No more days shall I live,
Always it seems.
The backyard which was the
Source of all delight
Now comes to gobble me up.
The day then turns dark.
I call my brother to come back

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