Neela Nath Das

Neela Nath Das Poems

41. Doesn'T Nature? 10/16/2012
42. Princess And The Black Horse(Final Fight-I) 10/19/2012
43. Now 11/5/2012
44. I Don'T Know To..... 11/7/2012
45. What Will You Do? 11/7/2012
46. If We Had Been Always 11/11/2012
47. She Was In Plastic Bag 1/11/2013
48. Quest.. 1/22/2013
49. On The Page Of Time 1/31/2013
50. Let Me Sit Near You O Lord! (Upanishad) 2/8/2013
51. Why Do You Make Her Remember? 2/10/2013
52. List Of Love-Features 2/15/2013
53. If Love Is! 2/17/2013
54. Picturesque They Are! 2/17/2013
55. Pauper's Poem 2/19/2013
56. Avalanche 2/20/2013
57. You Are The Cause 2/21/2013
58. Nisha, The Night 2/23/2013
59. Who And What? 2/24/2013
60. Nocturnal...... 2/25/2013
61. Memory 2/26/2013
62. Morning Gives 2/28/2013
63. I'Ll Soon Die 3/2/2013
64. Do You See? 3/2/2013
65. Sheriff's Line 3/2/2013
66. I Am A Boat 3/5/2013
67. I Can'T 3/6/2013
68. Here Cloud Touches 3/6/2013
69. I Replied 3/7/2013
70. Good Morning 3/7/2013
71. Why Should I? 3/11/2013
72. Come Down Moon 3/11/2013
73. Castle In The Air! 3/12/2013
74. I'M Not 3/10/2013
75. How Will You......? 3/14/2013
76. She Was Silly 3/15/2013
77. Net Has 3/16/2013
78. Do You Know How Shadow Stays? 3/17/2013
79. Cooked My Heart 3/19/2013
80. I See 3/26/2013

Comments about Neela Nath Das

  • Unwritten Soul Unwritten Soul (9/8/2012 5:09:00 AM)

    Nila, you are a poet that write everything that stopped by in your days, the moment you had as sincerely as you can. Some of your works can be sad and also the rest happy and different feelings, and to me its is a natural emotion that we all experienced as a soul in life. People may see us in different colors as we are but then we cant follow what they said as we know we are who we are. Its not easy to cure hate, but its easy to not hate so if you wish to write a poetry just write because here all emotions are free to pour, to share. Not easy really to protect our feelings from being hurt but if we start to ignore protecting ours then we will fall down. what is important do what you like as long as it not bothering other people, could be sometimes we are wrongly misunderstood but then explain what it was under the poem...people are having different colors so they may not fit or fit with some different colors, as to be beautiful take all colors. Keep writing and never afraid of what you have built because if its good, God will help_Unwritten Soul

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    1 person did not like.
  • Luvangel Tiara? ? ? (8/15/2012)

    hey, nilakshi, very good job! thumbs up! u r superb.believe me, u r one of the best poets here, i really appreciate you.

  • Www. (7/24/2012 10:18:00 AM)

    Good poetry with variety themes to brood over seems to be your fortess. Themes related to human conflicts and social concerns may better inspire you.As you pen down on the love of God to humanity, I begin to differ with you and the like. Good days are there Nilakshi Nath. Poetry is safe in your hand, I feel. All the best.

  • Kamal N. Baruah Kamal N. Baruah (7/8/2012 5:49:00 AM)

    A sweet person, gracious mind, wonderful poemz :) Lovely attitude all in one :) most lovely poet

  • Nitin Sahni (6/19/2012 9:13:00 PM)

    Your write really is encouraging us.Shikha is right.You are the pride of Poem Hunter.Kudos!

  • Shikha Shah Shikha Shah (6/18/2012 1:53:00 AM)

    You are really an inspiration for budding poets like me, , ,
    I adore all your work... :)
    Hope someday i could write as good as you... :)

  • Darrick Wiggins Darrick Wiggins (5/16/2012 4:58:00 PM)

    Very inspirational, well written on about trie love and devotion.

  • Madhavi Grace (5/12/2012 10:16:00 AM)

    loved your short poem.....Its me............truly beautiful, great work

  • Tom Spurrell (3/17/2012 5:59:00 PM)

    Love it when there's a new star in the heavens. Keep writting.

  • Sri Tatsat (3/17/2012 12:05:00 PM)

    I have always loved poetry. But I have mostly read poems from classical times. Elizabethian. You poems, however, have kind of struck a chord. Please do write more...

Best Poem of Neela Nath Das

A River Of The Will

A river of the will,
Plays in my mind.
I call her to come out,
But she stays behind.
She flows and says-
O, let me do the thing,
Which I desire;
I'm now a spring.
Just telling this,
She jumps from myself,
Riding on a cloud,
She flies like an elf.
With a pensive mood,
I sit by the window,
It starts raining outside,
My room gathers shadow.
I think, where's my will?
She isn't in the sky-
A whisper comes in my ear,
I can't believe my eye....
The drops of rain fall there,
Wetting my hot face,
Tell me-'Dear we are here, ...

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My Heart Is Torn

My heart is torn in pieces,
Gather them if you can.
For they are very precious,
Covetous to anyone!
Lust has lost its path here,
Innocence is no pride,
But you trod on it and,
Take a smooth, fast stride!
They bear a touch of Heaven,

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