Neela Nath Das

Neela Nath Das Poems

161. I Am Bearing The Moon 10/10/2014
162. Whatever You Are 10/17/2014
163. Dancing Because 10/18/2014
164. I'M 10/18/2014
165. I Feel When 10/18/2014
166. I Lost Hope 10/19/2014
167. You Never Wanted To See 10/16/2014
168. False 10/20/2014
169. Mirror, I'M You 10/21/2014
170. Life To Me 10/27/2014
171. I'M Coming 10/28/2014
172. Money 11/18/2014
173. Quest 11/23/2014
174. Seite Dauerte 9/1/2015
175. That Was Not A False Story 9/2/2015
176. No Waiting Yet 1/13/2016
177. I Can Not 1/14/2016
178. Mother, I Love You 5/8/2016
179. I Was Not Wrong 5/25/2016
180. It Took My Joy 12/31/2016
181. Shall I Walk On My Way? 3/26/2017
182. In That Forest 4/21/2017
183. Ring Rang Rung 9/28/2013
184. Just After.... 9/16/2013
185. What's For Next? 8/7/2013
186. I Wanna Dance(Senryu) 10/5/2012
187. Angelika, Listen 10/5/2012
188. Room No Zero 9/15/2012
189. Many People Lives In Thy.... 8/21/2012
190. Hush! God Is Sleeping 8/18/2012
191. Medusa's Head 2/24/2013
192. The Sun, Moon 11/6/2013
193. Obelisk 1/20/2013
194. A Tribute To Khudiram Bose-The First Martyr Of Armed Freedom Movement 8/11/2013
195. Happy Birthday To You! 8/9/2013
196. He Won'T Come Back 8/9/2013
197. On My Birthday 8/5/2013
198. Everything You Know 7/30/2013
199. I Feel You 7/23/2013
200. You Are Only..... 7/9/2013
Best Poem of Neela Nath Das

A River Of The Will

A river of the will,
Plays in my mind.
I call her to come out,
But she stays behind.
She flows and says-
O, let me do the thing,
Which I desire;
I'm now a spring.
Just telling this,
She jumps from myself,
Riding on a cloud,
She flies like an elf.
With a pensive mood,
I sit by the window,
It starts raining outside,
My room gathers shadow.
I think, where's my will?
She isn't in the sky-
A whisper comes in my ear,
I can't believe my eye....
The drops of rain fall there,
Wetting my hot face,
Tell me-'Dear we are here, ...

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When I needed a healing touch,
I found no one around,
I knew to grow what got was much.
I fought to prove me sound.
But now I am a budding tree,
I have some masks around;
They praise, they smile, they come to see
They raise me to a mound.
I keep false smile, put on a gracious mask,

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