Neferkare Anak

Biography of Neferkare Anak

I have been writing for some time now. Mostly i get my ideas from around me. I have traveled across the world to many countries. My favorite county is Egypt because of the history.

Neferkare Anak's Works:

I have not published any books but i am working on some. Updates

Desert Whisper

A horn sounds in the distant sands.
The wind is intense blowing into my face.
I turn to my guards and say,
“ Go back to the city, the desert will not harm me for I am just a visitor that seeks peace.”
They go back to the city of where it is said I was born.
I am a royal but not the kind of royal you see.
Born into the royal family raised to be the king.
I seek peace for my kingdom of which is in pain.
I come before many to see of what has happened to my people.

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