Neha Godambe

Rookie (7th December 1988 / Mumbai, India)

Biography of Neha Godambe

Emotions are deep and strong.
And we all are slaves to our emotional self.
I aim to pen down the enigma of varied human emotions in the form of poems.
They speak the lingo of love, depression, attachment, detachment, forgiveness, expectations, care, passion, devotion, relations and a lot more expressing emotions.

Neha Godambe's Works:

None as yet... intend to have quite a few soon though! Updates

Honest Tears

Tears flowing from your profound eyes
They unwrap the truth, where are the lies?
I believe them, I adore them,
In have faith in them,
These honest tears will indeed turn into honest smiles

That's your heart, and this is mine
Interspersed they are in love so divine
Complicated they are, difficult to decipher

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