Neha Kaushik

Rookie (15.06.1986 / Delhi, India)

Biography of Neha Kaushik

Im 20 yr. old, doing Engineering into my 3rd yr. now.Recently started writting, just an amateaur poet right now. I don't have any specific writting style just love to write about the things that are happening around me or inside me.

I like to pen down all the thoughts that swirl in my mind which i cannot convey.

As such im an introvert person, don't get mingle up easily with people, need time to make good friends.

I'm thankfull to my parents, my friends who helped me to grow as a poet. Updates


When the night begins,
a fear comes from within.
In these lonely ways,
there's no one who forever stays.
As we move ahead in life,
so many relations are left to strive.
This raspy journey engulfs everyone around,
leaving forlornness and loneliness to surround.
Relations that were so dear to our heart,