Neil Carpathios Poems

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No More Same Old Silly Love Songs

When the radio in my car broke I started to notice the trees.
I began to stop exaggerating the color of leaves,
how their reds and oranges need no wordy embellishment.
I started to open my window and smell the wet pavement

Kindergarten Open House, Observing Art

This must be what hell is:
To be the man drawn by the child
not yet dexterous enough to keep
his insides within the lines.

Against Reincarnation

I am not interested in coming back as grass.
Or a slobbering dog.
Or a one-legged beggar on the streets of Calcutta.
Or even a good-hearted genius with chiseled features and perfect teeth

The Kiss

By freezing passion at its blossoming
perhaps Rodin knew he challenged
Sophocles who said as lover you want
ice to be ice yet not melt

The Door In The Field

Walking through a field
I came to a door
on the ground
some farmer must have lost


I hate the way they intertwine as if having sex.
I put them in a jar all separate and when I go
to pull one out it's linked to another clip,
sometimes a whole string interlocked.


So very much having passed before our eyes,
and our eyes in the end saw nothing.

Those who will someday live here where we end

What Divorce Teaches

The projectionist splices out scenes.
He gives me weekends, holidays,
but snips what comes in between.
Each time my daughter, my son is someone else.

In Victoria's Secret, Near The Bras

The woman wants to know if I need help.
She's seen me fingering the lacy cups,
thinking of you
and those pendulous orbs

Another Summer Evening On The Block

Clothes on the line look bodiless and bored.

Roses dream of jumping down their stems.