neil derek singleton

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Biography of neil derek singleton

hello, i am neil, i am from the u.k england, i have a daughter call maisy brooke hampshire, i write poems for how i feel and like to express my feeling, i also write poems to make readers to understand most of the way they feel there not alone i understand and to let the feelings out is better than keeping it locked up. i would like to shear my talnet to the world and show how much peoms means to me, please shear your comments on my peoms on what you think thats neil :) ..

neil derek singleton's Works:

not yet still working on them a little bit can't get the hang of makeing one.. Updates

The Blossem

the blue flower of blossom, blows in the wind of spring, Were the birds sat that sing of the lovely companion has fade and gone. without a goodbye or a tear in her eye, you will always love and stand me please my beloved one never cry as we shall stand by each others side. no more fears no more tears no reason to hide as you my sweetheart your my

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