Neil Gray

Rookie (November 5th 1972. / Some hospital I think...can't remember...was very young at the time.)

Biography of Neil Gray

All my life I have been attracted to the seedier aspects of life which I put down to my mother being a drunk and my step-father not giving a damn.
So I left home at the age of 16 too seek my fame and fortune and ended up 5 years later in a re-hab clinic having suffered a nervous break-down....boy did I get that wrong.
So I've travelled and drank my way acroos this country more than once and finally set down in the small town of Weston.
It's ok here I suppose if you like watching OAP's just sitting around waiting to die...but for now I make do.

Neil Gray's Works:

So far un-published as in all honesty until now I've just been writting for me(ie: I'm lazy) Updates

When The Rains Come.

My Landlord's screaming that the rent's overdue,
Serenaded by the sound of death from the early morning news,
And every day's a little harder just to pull through,
When you know the whole World's crazy
But there's nothing you can do.

Tell me,
Where do you hide
When the rain's come?

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