Nellie Isabelle Steward Cooper

Veteran Poet - 1,370 Points (4 September 1915 - 14 April 2005 / Youngstown, Ohio)

Nellie Isabelle Steward Cooper Poems

121. What We Love 7/6/2008
122. Cafeteria 3/10/2008
123. Banquet For A Kill Joy 3/10/2008
124. Violets(To Keats) 3/11/2008
125. Robots 3/11/2008
126. Plink 3/14/2008
127. Mamma's Reflection 3/11/2008
128. Trucks 7/1/2013
129. These Hungry Ears 5/7/2017
130. Our Last Quarrel 4/14/2008
131. Beseeching Your Grand Arrival 6/17/2008
132. Gypsy 3/11/2008
133. Faces 7/18/2008
134. In Pursuit Of Freedom 4/3/2009
135. A Mocking Bird Is Singing 3/11/2008
136. Car Crash 3/10/2008
137. Heart Beats 3/14/2008
138. In Leaving Clutter 3/24/2008
139. An End Steadfastly Approaches 3/29/2008
140. Passion 3/14/2008
141. Beyond The Province Of The Mind 1/19/2008
142. A Brightness So Real 3/10/2008
143. After Taste 3/10/2008
144. The Doors 3/10/2008
145. Tidbits 12/10/2013
146. A Yellow Dress For Sale 3/10/2008
147. Since You Are Gone 1/19/2008
148. One Voice Speaking 12/10/2013
149. Alone With A Dream 3/10/2008

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One Voice Speaking

How when you are dead
Will you touch other hearts
Unless now when you can
You lay bare your own?

For they that come after
Are the same as those that be
They too will hunger for perfume

And in the sharpness of spring
Perceive that others before them
Have known all that they know

The years will be as nothing
Though they be countless

One voice speaking
Is stronger than death

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Since You Are Gone

Since you are gone the stones lie differently along the ground
and words that are the same now have a different sound
sharp and clear in early dawn there is a road I cannot travel on

Since you are gone- since you are gone

Since you are gone the path seems steeper still
there seems to be more brambles on our hill

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