Neo Molefe Wa Peloeahae Peloeahae Poems

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Then I Love You

If seeing the beauty of life through your eyes
Is love
Then I love you
If needing you and wanting you


Instead of loving me
You hurt me to my soul
Instead of ushering me into your life
You showed me the way out

My Cousin(Motshabi)

She's my cousin
Very beautiful and yet so humble
She's my cousin
I couldn't picture life without her

I Remember

I remember
The day that my life changed
I remember
The first time I laid my eyes on you

Thank You

I know that I hardly say thank you
But thank you
Thank you for loving me
Not tolerating me

I Remembered

The day that changed my life
I remember
The day I first laid my eyes on you
Heaven looked so beautiful

Loosing You

I also lost myself
Loosing you
Reminded me of words I didn't get to say
Loosing you

Yes It Is You

When I think of smile
Yes it is you
I stand in front of
Asking you to love me

Happy Birthday

Today is the day u thank God
For everything He has forwarded to you
Thank Him for His constant love
And the mercy He has shown upon you

I Left Because

I left because
The atmosphere was no longer welcoming
I left because
Because your heart belongs elsewhere

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