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121. Hope 3/30/2008
122. Faceless 8/11/2008
123. The Looking Glass 1/8/2009
124. Binge, Purge & Reimmerge 1/14/2008
125. Bounce Back 1/9/2008
126. Close Enough To See 1/9/2008
127. Ask Me No Question's, I Tell You No Lies 4/7/2008
128. No More Questions 1/9/2008
129. Living In A Tomb 1/9/2008
130. Angry Ana 1/9/2008
131. Be A Dear 2/25/2008
132. Blame It On The Moon 1/21/2008
133. Going Mad 2/20/2008
134. Alone Again 3/30/2008
135. Bliss 1/9/2008
136. Bad Year 12/2/2008

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Bad Year

It's been a bad year
3 times’ I have taken a load of pills
1 time I looked at the dogs and tried to vomit them back up
2 times. well...........It just didn’t take
3 days sleep. That’s all that came of it
Dumped, smashed, stomped, and trashed
Jumped off the face of the earth
cutting. starving. hating all of what is left of me
Gaining, losing, gaining, and losing everything
Smashing a bike into 5 trees
Broke some ribs. Busted a leg
Didn’t really matter
Just threw that damn helmet on the ground
Screamed so loud. My motto. 'S*n of a B*t*h'
No one heard. ...

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Close Enough To See

Other side of the world
thats just where you may be
the connection we had was so hard to believe
in your arm's is where all my pain was released
now all there is are nasty dagger's full of hate
what we had was wonderful. guess misery is just my own fate
these mixed emotion's just don't seem to stop
i hold my head in my hands..feels like it's about to pop
you hate me, i love you. i hate you, you love me

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