Neptune Barman

Veteran Poet - 1,510 Points [Young Writer] (18-12-1999 / India, Assam, Nalbari)

Neptune Barman Poems

1. Prison Bird 4/15/2015
2. My True Love 6/2/2015
3. None Like You 8/28/2015
4. Poets Heart 3/20/2016
5. Mother`s Letter To Her Son 9/29/2016
6. You The Sufferer 9/29/2016
7. The Voice To Eternity 10/2/2016
8. The Memories Of King 1/5/2017
9. House No More Home 1/8/2017
10. The Promise I Had 1/23/2017
11. Who Escaped Time 2/16/2015
12. Mother Like None Others 2/19/2015
13. Remembering The Anne 2/14/2015
14. Smile 2/22/2015
15. Hope I Could Tell You 2/16/2015
16. My Loved Traitor 2/14/2015
17. My Life 10/26/2016
18. Earth Is My Heart 2/2/2017
19. Life After Death 2/7/2017
20. Am I Right Or Wrong 2/16/2015
21. My Religion 3/21/2015
22. Pain Of My Heart 3/20/2015
23. My Diary 2/14/2015
24. Journey Of Life 2/18/2015
Best Poem of Neptune Barman

Journey Of Life

Life`s a journey
Every journey has beginning and an end
We`re travellers in this journey of life
Our thoughts direct ways in the journey
This journey full of obstacles
But, need to face happily,
it has great value.
We born here for experience of this journey
This journey consists both positive and negative
It teaches us move forward and fulfill our dreams.
Life`s a journey, an unavoidable journey
Whichever way we want, we travel
And the path, we choose leads us our destiny

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Remembering The Anne

Once lived a girl with a smile
now no more in our eyes
But alive in heart of millions
Inspiring us to work for peace
Making us aware to sluttish wars
she rised a pure spirit
one to love nature
once hoped to be great writer
and hope comes true

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