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Neran Sati Poems

161. The Day Be Well! 3/6/2016
162. All For Free 3/7/2016
163. No Password 3/7/2016
164. The Cook Metamorph 3/8/2016
165. Free To Choose 3/9/2016
166. Illuminations On The Mind 3/13/2016
167. Out Of Nothingness 3/5/2016
168. Earings 12/10/2015
169. Last In Haeven First In Hell 12/2/2015
170. Single Poem, Single Life 3/5/2016
171. Fishing For Poems 12/24/2015
172. Cooking The Life With Poetry 11/23/2015
173. Little Dreams 11/22/2015
174. Mind Your Words 11/20/2015
175. Blow Wild Wind.. 11/21/2015
176. Autumn's Low 11/4/2015
177. Your Choice 11/19/2015
178. Eleven Thousand Circles And Me_ (Translation) 10/17/2015
179. Double Rain_(Translation) 10/17/2015
180. Poet's Dilemma_(Translation) 10/22/2015
181. Complaining To The Moon_(Translation From Croatian) 10/11/2015
182. Time Travelers_(Haiku) 10/7/2015
183. White And Black 10/8/2015
184. When I Part.. 9/21/2015
185. Elusive Barriers 9/20/2015
186. Filling Your Emptiness.. 9/18/2015
187. Bitter Drop 9/15/2015
188. Brain: Alien Like Us 10/22/2015
189. Evergreen Faults 10/23/2015
190. Fatal Attraction_(Haiku) 10/18/2015
191. Omen 10/13/2015
192. Ever Once 12/6/2015
193. Divine Geography 3/10/2016
194. Harmony_ (Haiku) 10/26/2015
195. Lucky Whisper 9/18/2015
196. Restoring Self Right Now 10/15/2015
197. Solitude Update 12/8/2015
198. One Dream 9/15/2015
199. Here For Many 10/13/2015

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Best Poem of Neran Sati

Here For Many

I'm here to confess and drink the beauty of confessions
from that holy cup of heart art,
its source in others.

I'm here, for a while to forget ugly moments,
dry encounters or sad mechanics of wealth.

I'm here to overcome the woe of our life and fate,
injustice and misery, that are so hard to mend.

I'm here to comment, not with passion, but ease.
I'm here for all alike.

But, I'm not here to trade those feelings
or to commerce fake or scrutiny.

My friends out of sight, be close to your heart!

Many here provide and enjoy songs...

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Filling Your Emptiness..

In total emptiness there are words, thoughts, colours
In total emptiness there are birds, boats, trees
In total emptiness there are kids, flowers, little clouds
In total emptiness there are cliffs, guns, bloody wounds
In total emptiness there is opera, TV, HiFi, high fee
And also circles, smiles, social groups and groupie'.

In total emptiness - there is a lot to choose from
So you can fill your life - with ease. And yet

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