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361. Death Is Not Kind 9/30/2014
362. Love Is Stale 6/6/2014
363. My Creeping, Crabbing Age 4/28/2014
364. You Have Stormed Into My Life 7/4/2012
365. A Silhouette Of Childhood 2/19/2012
366. I Had A Love 8/12/2011
367. A Day At The Zoo 12/18/2010
368. Rain, Rain, Rain 8/8/2010
369. Stay Shadow Of Contentment 8/21/2010
370. If You Go Away (2) 12/5/2010
371. Catherine 8/15/2010
372. Abandon Your Books 8/12/2010
373. How Happy He, Who Is Free From Love’s Bare 7/25/2010
374. Have You Ever Been Enslaved By Love? 10/26/2011
375. Who Would Be There To Tell Me 12/4/2011
376. Here He Lies 7/12/2013
377. The Willow 8/11/2012
378. I Have Loved Thee 12/10/2012
379. Home Alone 9/30/2014
380. Leaves 1/11/2015
381. She Stood There 1/24/2015
382. Shabbat 1/22/2015
383. Fallen Love 3/12/2015
384. A Child Walk 2/8/2015
385. Grow Up Flower Child 12/21/2012
386. God Or Nature? 7/23/2010
387. It Does Not Fade 8/7/2010
388. I Stand And Watch A Tree Of Sturdy Oak 4/24/2011
389. My Days Of Youth 3/7/2015
390. She Said Good Night 2/7/2015
391. Innuendo 3/5/2015
392. Who Would Stand At My Grave 4/4/2015
393. Why You Only 6/6/2014
394. Is It Possible? 9/29/2015
395. Longing 2/23/2014
396. Cruel Jaws Of Time 10/6/2013
397. A Book Bazaar 12/18/2010
398. An Autumn Night 10/30/2011
399. Oh That It Were Possible 7/24/2010
400. A Walk In Manhattan 7/24/2010

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Lost Childhood

Hills and dales of ancient land, bleak, barren and glaring
Where my thoughtless, happy hours beguiling childhood strayed,
How the sand with ages of patina on me is warring,
Howl, moan winds of the past above my tufted shade!

No more, gone the days I went out on an April morning
All alone, for my heart was high with the wind sigh
I was a child of the shining meadow, tulips on hill, and willow low in mourning
No cloud on vast blue heaven, just this sapphire eye of the sky.

Now in the windy winter flood of morning in rear
Longing lifted its weight from ...

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A Child Winter Night

Wailing whirling wheeling winds
When shall you blow again
And let the momentous drops of little rain
Come down mossy rocks and on fields of vast terrain
Hush under the cloak of night the nightingale hides and no more sings

Come back howling winds of winter night
Shake the stature of every tree tall
Its leaves long had reddened to a point of fall

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