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401. A Book Bazaar 12/18/2010
402. An Autumn Night 10/30/2011
403. I Have No Thought In Me But You 8/7/2010
404. The Haunting Of A Hunter 8/7/2010
405. Oh That It Were Possible 7/24/2010
406. A Walk In Manhattan 7/24/2010
407. Is It Gone? 7/24/2010
408. Rise Up Child 9/7/2018
409. Thorns And Petals 11/8/2015
410. Who Would Stand At My Grave 4/4/2015
411. A Slumber 8/10/2018
412. Memories In Ripples 9/17/2017
413. A Morning Rush 6/28/2011
414. How Does She Smile 12/25/2014
415. Wild Strawberries 3/20/2015
416. The Shade Of Death 9/11/2011
417. In Storm And In Tempest We Two Parted 7/24/2010
418. Lost Childhood 9/9/2014
419. A Night Mood 8/21/2010

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A Night Mood

The moon reddish color looms through horizon's fog
In the dancing mist the hazy meadow sleeps
By the green lush a reptilian creature calls his mate the frog
There where a shadowy movement stealthily creeps

Water flowers fold their petals round
In the distance tall and in close array
Yellow willows outline their shadowy forms to the ground
And towards the dark thickets the fireflies stray

The screeching owl wakes and soundlessly scouts its links
It beats the dark air with heavy wings
And heaven is filled with muffled light
Pale moon appears and spreads ...

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Oh That It Were Possible

Oh that it were possible
After long grief and pain
You walk in the path of amiable
Innocence and repentance plain

And your bare sole
Will touch the field scudding chaffs
The meadow wheat elongated spikes will dagger your soul
And the wind will blow your skirt in halves

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