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241. The Odor Of Her Love 8/17/2015
242. An Autumn Sonata 9/6/2015
243. I Thought I Had Forgotten 9/13/2015
244. An Autumn Evening 9/17/2015
245. Past Days Melodies 9/17/2015
246. A Night Before School 9/18/2015
247. Winter Nights 9/27/2015
248. Sun Sets On Beaches 9/29/2015
249. The Visit 9/29/2015
250. Spring In The Holy Land 12/25/2014
251. Youth And Sore Love 12/26/2014
252. The Death Of All Things 12/27/2014
253. If I Be 12/27/2014
254. Joy 12/27/2014
255. I Will Turn My Eyes From You 12/28/2014
256. My Love's World Is Wrong 1/2/2015
257. The Queen Of The Night 1/4/2015
258. Cry Not When I Die 1/8/2015
259. Too Young 9/30/2014
260. A Summer Morning 10/9/2014
261. Picture Of The Past 10/15/2014
262. Oh, Never More! 12/21/2014
263. Came I To Summer 12/21/2014
264. Go From Me Love 12/25/2014
265. The Lonely Maid 1/11/2015
266. Fear 1/18/2015
267. Childhood In Spring 1/19/2015
268. That Night I Walked Home 1/19/2015
269. Be Young At Heart 2/1/2015
270. Oh Lofty Trees 2/14/2015
271. Stars And Moon Are Watching 9/29/2015
272. A Date At A Cafe 10/10/2015
273. My Stone Grave 10/13/2015
274. My Dear Friend 10/20/2015
275. That Night 10/24/2015
276. A Pebble Stone 11/7/2015
277. The Letter 11/7/2015
278. A Spider At Night 11/7/2015
279. He Who Would Drop 11/9/2015
280. Time And The Vile Hand 11/10/2015

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A Night Mood

The moon reddish color looms through horizon's fog
In the dancing mist the hazy meadow sleeps
By the green lush a reptilian creature calls his mate the frog
There where a shadowy movement stealthily creeps

Water flowers fold their petals round
In the distance tall and in close array
Yellow willows outline their shadowy forms to the ground
And towards the dark thickets the fireflies stray

The screeching owl wakes and soundlessly scouts its links
It beats the dark air with heavy wings
And heaven is filled with muffled light
Pale moon appears and spreads ...

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Oh That It Were Possible

Oh that it were possible
After long grief and pain
You walk in the path of amiable
Innocence and repentance plain

And your bare sole
Will touch the field scudding chaffs
The meadow wheat elongated spikes will dagger your soul
And the wind will blow your skirt in halves

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