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241. That Night I Walked Home 1/19/2015
242. Be Young At Heart 2/1/2015
243. Oh Lofty Trees 2/14/2015
244. You May Leave 3/27/2015
245. Where Is Love? 4/1/2015
246. Love Wonders 4/5/2015
247. A Coffin Protest 4/8/2015
248. Alas, She Is So Fair 4/11/2015
249. Catherine Kiss 4/12/2015
250. A Man Philosophy 4/18/2015
251. I Do Wonder About The Orbiting Moon 4/19/2015
252. Contemplation Of Death 4/19/2015
253. When I Am Dying 4/21/2015
254. Be For Me 4/21/2015
255. The Air Around Me 4/23/2015
256. First Love 4/24/2015
257. Clara 4/27/2015
258. Like The Dark Night To An Owl 4/29/2015
259. As A Free Bird 5/17/2015
260. The Lovely Valley Of Her Breast 5/30/2015
261. My Tomb Stone 6/19/2015
262. Sweet Childhood 6/27/2015
263. My Love The Shrew 7/3/2015
264. Last Dawn I Rose From Dreams Of You 7/4/2015
265. A Stone In A Grave Yard 7/12/2015
266. Let The Devil Take Her 7/18/2015
267. Late Summer 8/16/2015
268. The Odor Of Her Love 8/17/2015
269. An Autumn Sonata 9/6/2015
270. I Thought I Had Forgotten 9/13/2015
271. An Autumn Evening 9/17/2015
272. Past Days Melodies 9/17/2015
273. A Night Before School 9/18/2015
274. Winter Nights 9/27/2015
275. Sun Sets On Beaches 9/29/2015
276. The Visit 9/29/2015
277. He Who Would Drop 11/9/2015
278. Time And The Vile Hand 11/10/2015
279. The Glory Of A Cloud 11/24/2015
280. If I Can Only 11/26/2015

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The Shade Of Death

The shade of death is made of a canopy piercing cold
That mortal eyes ache and cannot comprehend or behold
Yet when mortal eyes are closed
And death, cold and pale the limbs reposed
Shall the disposed soul then wakes and roaming it seen
Asking: 'where are Eden's Golden keys? '

Some claim that grave is Heaven' gate
Where rich as poor, royal as commoner, all around it wait
A tale, a fairy, a feeble since old age told
Yet no one from there returned to this story enfold

Copy rights 2010

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A Child Winter Night

Wailing whirling wheeling winds
When shall you blow again
And let the momentous drops of little rain
Come down mossy rocks and on fields of vast terrain
Hush under the cloak of night the nightingale hides and no more sings

Come back howling winds of winter night
Shake the stature of every tree tall
Its leaves long had reddened to a point of fall

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