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281. It Is Not The Way That You Smile 12/15/2015
282. Sweet Dawn 12/16/2015
283. Clara Told Me 12/25/2015
284. An Evening In Childhood 12/27/2015
285. Early Spring 12/28/2015
286. The Flowers Of My Youth 1/22/2016
287. Memories 2/7/2016
288. The Scent And The Memories Of Past Days 3/4/2016
289. My Sweet Star 3/4/2016
290. The Tree 3/19/2016
291. One Morning In April 3/23/2016
292. My Days Of Youth Will Come Again 5/2/2016
293. A Forest Nymph 5/28/2016
294. Late Summer Days 5/31/2016
295. Love At The Edge 6/17/2016
296. Alone 6/24/2016
297. They Say Death Is Good 6/24/2016
298. Solitude In Childhood 6/25/2016
299. Childhood Reflections 6/28/2016
300. Take Me Back 6/28/2016
301. Recollections 7/23/2016
302. How Much I Owe Thee My Homeland Trees 7/28/2016
303. Never 7/31/2016
304. Childhood Days And Joy 8/3/2016
305. Death On My Tracks In Haste 8/9/2016
306. When Love Starts, When Love Ends 8/15/2016
307. Shall i Compare my Life To A Sizzle Summer Season 8/16/2016
308. Winter Childhood Moods 8/20/2016
309. A Stone Structure Upon A Hill 9/17/2016
310. Regrets 10/23/2016
311. Oh Hunter, Catch!  snare Me my Childhood shadow! 11/6/2016
312. Autumn Sets On My Days 12/24/2016
313. Oh Beauty 12/25/2016
314. Love, When you And I Are Old And Grey 1/12/2017
315. Days As Moments In A Play 1/25/2017
316. The Strength Of Childhood Is For Ever  1/31/2017
317. The Happy Days Of Spring 2/2/2017
318. An Autumn Morning Walk To School 2/25/2017
319. A Day Of Pray 3/5/2017
320. I Am Burried 4/11/2017

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Lost Childhood

Hills and dales of ancient land, bleak, barren and glaring
Where my thoughtless, happy hours beguiling childhood strayed,
How the sand with ages of patina on me is warring,
Howl, moan winds of the past above my tufted shade!

No more, gone the days I went out on an April morning
All alone, for my heart was high with the wind sigh
I was a child of the shining meadow, tulips on hill, and willow low in mourning
No cloud on vast blue heaven, just this sapphire eye of the sky.

Now in the windy winter flood of morning in rear
Longing lifted its weight from ...

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A Child Winter Night

Wailing whirling wheeling winds
When shall you blow again
And let the momentous drops of little rain
Come down mossy rocks and on fields of vast terrain
Hush under the cloak of night the nightingale hides and no more sings

Come back howling winds of winter night
Shake the stature of every tree tall
Its leaves long had reddened to a point of fall

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