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321. Morning In The Ides Of A Spring Month 12/2/2015
322. It Is Not The Way That You Smile 12/15/2015
323. Sweet Dawn 12/16/2015
324. Clara Told Me 12/25/2015
325. An Evening In Childhood 12/27/2015
326. Early Spring 12/28/2015
327. The Flowers Of My Youth 1/22/2016
328. Memories 2/7/2016
329. The Scent And The Memories Of Past Days 3/4/2016
330. My Sweet Star 3/4/2016
331. The Tree 3/19/2016
332. One Morning In April 3/23/2016
333. My Days Of Youth Will Come Again 5/2/2016
334. A Forest Nymph 5/28/2016
335. Meditation 10/8/2017
336. A Voice By The Citrus Orchard 10/10/2017
337. An Autumn Night In Bed 10/17/2017
338. Child Think Not Of 10/26/2017
339. Calm Night 10/27/2017
340. My Life Crept Long 12/21/2017
341. As The Day Sinks Down 1/8/2018
342. Stars In The Canopy Of Summer Sky 1/22/2018
343. Winter Twilight 1/26/2018
344. Her Sweet 2/9/2018
345. To An Anonymous 2/21/2018
346. My Tattered Spirit Is Too Weak 3/1/2018
347. December 3/4/2018
348. A Week Of Summer Fruits 3/17/2018
349. Summer Thorns 3/31/2018
350. In My Dreams And Fantasies 5/30/2018
351. Dark Winter Days 6/12/2018
352. How Many Childhood Visions 7/4/2018
353. I Remember When 7/18/2018
354. Sodom And Gomorrah 7/30/2018
355. You May Leave 3/27/2015
356. Where Is Love? 4/1/2015
357. Winter Wind 8/22/2018
358. Glorious Shinning Star Of Winter Evening -new- 9/5/2018
359. Mulling Childhood Scenes -new- 9/11/2018
360. Hershey 1/30/2015

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Lost Childhood

Hills and dales of ancient land, bleak, barren and glaring
Where my thoughtless, happy hours beguiling childhood strayed,
How the sand with ages of patina on me is warring,
Howl, moan winds of the past above my tufted shade!

No more, gone the days I went out on an April morning
All alone, for my heart was high with the wind sigh
I was a child of the shining meadow, tulips on hill, and willow low in mourning
No cloud on vast blue heaven, just this sapphire eye of the sky.

Now in the windy winter flood of morning in rear
Longing lifted its weight from ...

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Is It Gone?

Is it gone? Is it Silent? My pulses beat
What is it a mock trick of the brain
Yet not, I thought I saw her stand
As a shadow, a speechless phantom with awe at my feet
And then like a lightning flashed vanished from the land
She is gone, and heaven start falling in gentle rain
When they should burst violently and drown with deluge storms
Uprooted sturdy trees; blown rocks into air as morsels grain
Turn the earth on its face and call upon it the vexed sea

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