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321. A Day Of Pray 3/5/2017
322. I Am Burried 4/11/2017
323. Sometimes I Think 4/25/2017
324. Summer Twilights 4/30/2017
325. When The Balmy Roses Cease To Bloom 5/5/2017
326. Our Beloved Cat 6/1/2017
327. Come Back The Days Of Childhood 6/30/2017
328. The Shechinah At Eve Of Shabbath 7/9/2017
329. Over A Hill 7/27/2017
330. Oh You Angel Of Pain 8/1/2017
331. I Knew One Solemn Day 8/25/2017
332. Meditation 10/8/2017
333. A Voice By The Citrus Orchard 10/10/2017
334. An Autumn Night In Bed 10/17/2017
335. Child Think Not Of 10/26/2017
336. Calm Night 10/27/2017
337. My Life Crept Long 12/21/2017
338. As The Day Sinks Down 1/8/2018
339. Stars In The Canopy Of Summer Sky 1/22/2018
340. Winter Twilight 1/26/2018
341. Her Sweet 2/9/2018
342. To An Anonymous 2/21/2018
343. My Tattered Spirit Is Too Weak 3/1/2018
344. December 3/4/2018
345. A Week Of Summer Fruits 3/17/2018
346. Summer Thorns 3/31/2018
347. In My Dreams And Fantasies 5/30/2018
348. Dark Winter Days 6/12/2018
349. How Many Childhood Visions 7/4/2018
350. I Remember When 7/18/2018
351. Sodom And Gomorrah 7/30/2018
352. You May Leave 3/27/2015
353. Where Is Love? 4/1/2015
354. The Letter 11/7/2015
355. A Spider At Night 11/7/2015
356. Mulling Childhood Scenes 9/11/2018
357. He Will Not Come 9/25/2018
358. Try To Remember 9/29/2018
359. Her Sweet Kiss -new- 11/28/2018
360. My Dear Josephine -new- 12/6/2018

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A Night Mood

The moon reddish color looms through horizon's fog
In the dancing mist the hazy meadow sleeps
By the green lush a reptilian creature calls his mate the frog
There where a shadowy movement stealthily creeps

Water flowers fold their petals round
In the distance tall and in close array
Yellow willows outline their shadowy forms to the ground
And towards the dark thickets the fireflies stray

The screeching owl wakes and soundlessly scouts its links
It beats the dark air with heavy wings
And heaven is filled with muffled light
Pale moon appears and spreads ...

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Her Sweet Kiss

Her kiss was so luscious, so sweet a kiss the golden sun gives not
To those fresh morning drops upon the vermilion rose
In meadow spring; her eye-beams, when their fresh rays have smote
The night of dews that on my cheeks down their paths the current flows:

Nor ever shines the silver moon one half or as much so bright
Through the transparent bosom of the vast skies deep,
As does her face through tears of mine give light;

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