Nesean Coombs

Rookie (March 29th 1988)

Nesean Coombs Poems

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That Special One

Have you ever had that feeling when you had to let him go
And it hurts, you turn away and awful feelings show
Well i've been there, my heart dragged on the ground
Too heavy to lift up because my body was clowning around
I cant believe he cant just listen to what I have to say
When all i've been doing is trying to brighten his day
I cant understand why I sit here in this cage
While my mind yells out possessing me with rage
But in the end I still love him even if I am a fool
I loved him for so long, we were lovebirds in school
Now I have to get over him the pain ...

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Imma tell everybody jus what it is
I dont really care if u have ALL of his kids

What i'm doin, I'm sittin here masterin the game
And if you were smart then u wud do the same

Hes gonna use u play wit ur heart and just confuse u
He be the type to turn around and snooze u loose u