Nevaeh LeFroy

Rookie (June 1,1990 / Arkansas, United States)

Biography of Nevaeh LeFroy

Nevaeh is not my real name but that is what you shall know me by. I am a girl with a story. A story that some, well most, do not like. I am a girl that has fallen in love with her best friend. That may not sound bad to you now, but what if I told you that my best friend was a girl as well? Would that change your view on me? Because of that forbidden love that I am not allowed to persue, is the main reason why I write poetry. All the anger that it congures, all the sweetness that eminates from it, all the love that I feel is why I write. I can only hold so much in and writing it out is my release. Updates

Her Destruction

She sits and cries,
While painful tears fill her eyes.

Silent screams and cries of pain,
Arms full of cuts and scars of shame.

Alone in this world a blade as a friend,
To stop her pain to make it all end.

She lies in her regret, spills of blood drops
This is her way to make it all end.


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