Never Die

Biography of Never Die

Heartbroken and torn, i find comfort in my Lord. My poems were inspired by love in it's truest form. Yet dreams may turn into nightmares, a bitter cold taste. It may be a while until i write again, i promised only to when i find my soul mate Updates

Beauty Beyond Rainbows

Yet Rainbows show color, you show more than what is true.
Blue, red, they are not as deep as the love im in with you.
Passionate red, precise pink, they will never compare to the perfection I see
Envy green, what everyone sees when they wish they were you to be
Dark purple, reluctant dreams, everywhere I see, I see you and me
Violet beauty true as can be, perfection and amazement is you I see
Deceiving lies…. Hatred is not in mind, there will always be one who wish for your unique bind

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