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1. New Colour For Education In My Country 10/20/2009
2. Just Smile With Me 10/22/2009
3. Thanks For Making Me Smile 10/22/2009
4. Yes.... The Performance Is Doing Well 10/22/2009
5. Thanks Lord For Wipe My Tears 10/27/2009
6. I See You Pass Me By 10/28/2009
7. Please Don'T Go Lord 10/28/2009
8. If I Can Learn From You 10/29/2009
9. Just Share... 10/29/2009
10. On The Mooncake Festival 10/30/2009
11. Tragedy Makes You Feel Lucky 10/30/2009
12. Walking On The Right Pathway 10/30/2009
13. Awake Your Soul 11/1/2009
14. I Love Monday, Cause Yesterday I Met Him 11/1/2009
15. A Good Viewer-Part 1 11/2/2009
16. A Good Viewer-Part2 11/2/2009
17. A Trusworthy Leadership 11/2/2009
18. Get A Positive From The Scarry Part 10/29/2009
19. On This Special Christmas 11/3/2009
20. The Star Is Shining Brightly 11/3/2009
21. Missing The Moment 11/3/2009
22. A White Dove As A Place 11/4/2009
23. Little Guys And Little Ladies 11/5/2009
24. My Son's Daddy 11/5/2009
25. Thanks For This Beautiful Morning, Lord 11/5/2009
26. Sweet Harmony 11/5/2009
27. Get Attention From God 11/5/2009
28. Hope 11/6/2009
29. Give Charity Without Money 11/6/2009
30. Christmas Without Snow 11/8/2009
31. Manage My Heart 11/8/2009
32. Little Kid Prayer 11/12/2009
33. Those Two Eyes 11/13/2009
34. Answer Without Word 11/16/2009
35. This Naughty Boy 11/16/2009
36. Follow My Way 11/18/2009
37. Safe Others With Love 11/18/2009
38. Always Dg 11/18/2009
39. Sssttt... We Are Still Human 11/18/2009
40. Humanity 11/19/2009

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  • Ordinary Sandra (11/3/2009 12:46:00 AM)

    A new heart was born from a great and difficult process. Anger, Tears and pain but become a precious gift from God. I don't want to look back. I want to see my shinning future. Everyday is a journey. So, let us make a peaceful day.... For this small world....

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Be A Lovely Person

We can not make everyone happy
We are all human
We still live on earth
We should learn to be a lovely person

How to become a lovely person
is the way you give love to others
Do not give something because you feel have to
But you should give because you feel you should do

Do not do something because someone did to you
Be a leader for your own
Build a leader heart with true love
Do not push someone to follow you
But be someone who has a bright idea
Then let we do something for our country
Even it's a small thing
But your heart should have a ...

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When You Feel Tired

When you work hard
Then you feel tired
When you want to go home
But still many things to do at office
You feel like want to scream
When you miss your kids at home
But tomorrow is the dateline
to submit your paperwork
What will you do?

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