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41. Always Dg 11/18/2009
42. Sssttt... We Are Still Human 11/18/2009
43. Humanity 11/19/2009
44. Memories 11/19/2009
45. Make The World Smile 11/19/2009
46. Respect Him More 11/19/2009
47. Can Someone Keep A Memory? 11/24/2009
48. Tested My Self 11/24/2009
49. Thanks For This Weekend 11/29/2009
50. A Christmas Gift 11/29/2009
51. I Love You Too, But Good Bye 11/29/2009
52. Christmas Card 12/14/2009
53. Meaning Of Christmas 12/14/2009
54. Peaceful 12/14/2009
55. Christmas Pray 12/14/2009
56. Happy Birthday.... 12/16/2009
57. To My Son, Thanks 12/20/2009
58. My Flower For You 12/20/2009
59. Learn How To Speak 11/20/2009
60. For My Son 11/20/2009
61. Let The Children Read 11/23/2009
62. Make People Happy 11/23/2009
63. A Paradise In A Little House 11/23/2009
64. Little Kid Prayer 11/12/2009
65. Those Two Eyes 11/13/2009
66. Taking Lesson From Barney 11/20/2009
67. Please, Don'T Talk The Detail 11/16/2009
68. A Big Heart For Your Birthday 12/21/2009
69. I Am A Princess 11/19/2009
70. This Is Good 11/18/2009
71. When Two Become One (Poem Not Song) 11/5/2009
72. New Heart 10/20/2009
73. Our Future Generation 10/23/2009
74. When You Feel Tired 10/22/2009
75. Please Stop This Pain 10/28/2009
76. I Miss My Twin Sister 10/29/2009
77. Don'T Let Go Your Dream 11/3/2009
78. Our Future Leader 11/2/2009
79. He Is Standing Beside Me 11/6/2009
80. Dear Lord 11/11/2009

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  • Ordinary Sandra (11/3/2009 12:46:00 AM)

    A new heart was born from a great and difficult process. Anger, Tears and pain but become a precious gift from God. I don't want to look back. I want to see my shinning future. Everyday is a journey. So, let us make a peaceful day.... For this small world....

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Tribute To My Husband

As a woman we should take a part
In our family, in our office
But before that, we should learn many things
There is no school to become a good mom or wife
But we learn through our experience
The important thing is
we give a time for our husband
to become a leader
Trust him, he need to be trusted

I give much time for my husband
To consider, to think
So, i can give him back his pride
Then, people can see that he is the real hero
He is a Superman for my son
He is the leader who will save our family
Not me...
I just become someone who support ...

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Be A Lovely Person

We can not make everyone happy
We are all human
We still live on earth
We should learn to be a lovely person

How to become a lovely person
is the way you give love to others
Do not give something because you feel have to
But you should give because you feel you should do

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