Gold Star - 31,998 Points [NHIEN NGUYEN MD]


161. Ashes And Noel Rest After Eating Their Breakfast 3/17/2015
162. Ashes And Noel Wait Outside Bedroom Door 3/16/2015
163. Noel Sleeps In Awkward Position 3/16/2015
164. Annville Paradise, My Sweet Home 2/26/2016
165. Visiting Far Away Grand Children On Weekend 3/4/2016
166. Annville Paradise, MườI Lăm TháNg Tư 4/16/2016
167. Black April, The Fall Of Saigon On 4/30/1975 4/27/2016
168. Ashes Tries To Open Our Bedroom Door 3/16/2015
169. The Life Of A Feral Cat 3/16/2015
170. Ashes Takes Her Noon Nap On My Pool Table 3/17/2015
171. Ashes Watches Falling Snow 3/18/2015
172. ÐộC ẨM (DịCh Thơ Lý BạCh) 4/2/2015
173. Kim-Mai, CáM Ơn Em VẫN CòN Thương MỗI NgàY 4/6/2015
174. Li Po The Great Chinese Poet 4/4/2015
175. Peter's Delicious Filet Mignon 4/5/2015
176. Mid-Autumn Moon Festival 4/5/2015
177. TiếNg SáO Từ HoàNg HạC Lâu (DịCh Thơ Lý BạCh) 4/5/2015
178. Ðỗ Phủ (DịCh Thơ Lý BạCh) 4/2/2015
179. Sơn TửU Ca (Thơ Lý BạCh) 3/31/2015
180. Thank You For Your New Year Gifts 2015 3/31/2015
181. Noel Rests In The Middle Of The Room 3/16/2015
182. NúI Xanh (DịCh Thơ Lý BạCh) 4/24/2015
183. SáNg Nay NắNg ĐẹP Quá ChừNg 4/24/2015
184. Cả Nhà Đi Câu 4/24/2015
185. Bây Giờ MộT TháNg MùA Xuân 4/23/2015
186. NgàY Mai Chủ NhậT PhụC Sinh 4/23/2015
187. Bây Giờ MớI ChớM VàO Xuân 4/23/2015
188. MồNg ChíN TháNg Giêng 4/21/2015
189. Tinh Yêu ChẳNg BiếT TuổI Già 4/20/2015
190. Kim-Mai, My Dear Sweet Wife 4/7/2015
191. Grand Kids You Don'T Have A Long Wait 4/8/2015
192. Mẹ ViệT Nam 4/8/2015
193. Rush To Meet Their Friend (Haiku) 4/16/2015
194. Three Grand Kids' Spring Break At Annville Paradise 4/17/2015
195. Thank You My Readers 4/18/2015
196. Xin ChúA ChúC LàNh ViệT Nam 5/1/2015
197. MộT TuầN NữA TớI MùA Xuân 4/22/2015
198. You Know And God Knows (Haiku) 4/27/2015
199. ChúC MừNg Sinh NhậT Kim Mai 2015 5/1/2015
200. Bên Em LòNg Mở HộI Xuân 5/1/2015

Vietnamese Refugee Boat People Forty Years Later

This poem is dedicated to many thousands of boat people
Who perished by the sea
As soon as I woke up this morning
I felt overwhelmed by memories of long ago past.
Many years of war tore my country apart
Million people left their relatives and their country Vietnam.

After losing the war, many people escaped for their lives
With their possessions in their handbags or knapsacks.
They left everything behind hoping to be alive
They were willing to sacrifice for their future lives.

They left their homes when it rained or ...

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The Story Of Ashes

This cat is lovable
But at times, she gets irritable
When her claws being trimmed
Or being held against her wish.

This cat got her best luck,
She almost met her demise.
Someone dropped her here one night
And never returned to pick her up.

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