Nhuan LeXuan

Veteran Poet - 1,016 Points [ThanhThanh] (1930 / Vietnam)

Nhuan LeXuan Poems

41. A Father 6/18/2016
42. M. M. 8/2/2016
43. Old Chrysanthemum 8/2/2016
44. My Limitless Little Heart 11/23/2016
45. We Have Wasted Our Lives... 11/23/2016
46. Girlfriend 2/12/2017
47. Life Is Bathed In Trust And Love 11/15/2017
48. Over Song Cau 11/15/2017
49. I Believe 11/15/2017
50. To My Friends 11/15/2017
51. I Am So Lucky 11/16/2017
52. The Winterly Story 11/16/2017
53. Thank You, Mother 11/16/2017
54. Mama, I Am Your Self-Contented Cat 5/12/2018
55. Phuong 5/20/2018
56. Unallayable Longing 5/20/2018
57. I Have Cried 5/20/2018
58. Souls' Harmoney 5/20/2018
59. My Sadness Is Immense As The Universe Infinite 5/20/2018
60. Pain 5/20/2018
61. Glorifyng Vietnam's Women 5/20/2018
62. My Vu Lan Present 5/20/2018
63. Revealing Lyric 5/20/2018
64. I Have Come Back To San Jose 5/20/2018
65. Drifted In The Hustle 5/20/2018
66. Your Eyes, An Autumn Lake 5/20/2018
67. Winter In The Upper Peaceful Sphere 5/20/2018
68. Youth, The Sacred Moment Has Come! 5/23/2018
69. Beloved Far-Away Da-Nang Quang-Nam 5/23/2018
70. A Love Poem For Hue 5/23/2018
71. Autumnal Love In Highland 5/23/2018
72. Message To Misery 5/23/2018
73. The Wonder Of Mom 5/23/2018
74. Shannon 5/23/2018
75. To Truc Lang, My Friend 5/23/2018
76. Bark Of Clouds 5/23/2018
77. Some Morrow I Will Return 5/23/2018
78. Our People's Pangs Of Pain 5/23/2018
79. New Ho Truong 5/23/2018
80. This Half Of Mine 5/23/2018

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Grant Me A Smile

Unable to see you for just one day
Suffices to lade my heart with sorrow.
I had lived a rubbish life for many years,
Until one day: much grief for the morrow.

You came into my existence as a gale
For far-off melancholy to surge.
I had already forgotten my karma;
You had the heart me to fancy you to urge!

Which dreamers don't later wake up?
I have felt anguish from now on rise high.
You arrived then you left, I knew it; but
Why I got infatuated with this fleeting tie!

I will content myself with life's vision
Although in a twinkling I ...

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ON that old day – How could it be neglected?
The scientist Bruno went on to the pyre
As if he was taking a stroll, unaffected;
He re-affirmed to the frenzied abusers of fire:
“The Earth is round, in that Truth I trust
Although my body has to turn into dust! ”

The fanatics determined the earth was square
As from their gods and saints they had learned;